Media Ready

Media Ready is an evidence-based program for middle school classrooms, designed to give youth the ability to analyze media messages, recognize unhealthy behavior, and prevent substance abuse through the power of media literacy education. Through interactive lessons and small group activities, students discover the media world around them and develop skills to understand the messages that are being sent to them. Students will build critical thinking skills, which can help them make healthy choices and combat the insidious influence of the media on substance use behaviors. For more information, email Steven Eiland at [email protected].

Contact Hannah Oliver, Partnership for Success (PFS) Coordinator, for more information. [email protected]

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The Problem:

Students are confronted with potentially harmful media messages every day.

Warning youth of the dangers of substance use has not been a successful strategy on its own, and simply telling the youth that all media messages are bad does not effectively prepare them for all the messages they may receive. A recent study by the Rand Corporation found that children are exposed to an average of three alcohol ads per day, and e-cigarette marketing towards adolescents has hugely increased in the past several years.

The Solution:

Give students the power to critically analyze all the media messages they encounter.

Media Ready was designed using a media literacy education framework. This innovative approach to substance abuse prevention empowers students with the skills they need to draw their own conclusions about media messages that promote substance use. Students will learn to not accept marketing at face value, and better understand hidden motivations behind media messages.