Take Back Day Countdown


until the next DEA National Drug Take Back Day on October 26, 2024!

National Take Back Day is a free event for communities nationwide to properly dispose of old and unneeded medications safely and anonymously. The next Drug Take Back Day will be held on          Saturday April 27th, 2024 from 10am-2pm sponsored by the DEA and your local prevention coalition and police department. In 2023 we collected 1,690lbs of unused and unwanted medications, see the graphics below to see how April and October compare!

Need to dispose of medications but can’t wait until Drug Take Back day? Visit any of the following Police Departments that offer 24/7 anonymous drug take back collection boxes. Don’t live in the East Bay? Visit www.riprevention.org for collection site locations.  

  • Barrington Police Department
    100 Federal Rd, Barrington, RI 02806
  • Bristol Police Department
    395 Metacom Ave, Bristol, RI 02809
  • Warren Police Department
    1 Joyce St, Warren, RI 02885

Check out the April 2024 collection by town!

To combat drug misuse, the East Bay Prevention Coalition engages in programs such as the DEA National Drug Takeback annual events and actively encourages the use of permanent disposal boxes located at police stations in Barrington, Bristol, East Providence, and Warren. 

To combat drug misuse, the East Bay Prevention Coalition encourages community members to normally practice Count it, Lock it, Drop it, as well as request and regularly use a lock bag. Lock bags can be used to safely store medications that has the potential for misuse by individuals who were not prescribed them. Click the button below to request a lock bag from our office!

Carry Narcan - You Could Save a Life

Narcan, also referred to as Naloxone, is a life-saving medication that reverses the effects of opioids, including heroin, fentanyl, and prescription opioid medications. It can be obtained without a prescription at CVS Pharmacy, making it more accessible to those who may need it. You can learn more about overdose prevention resources and request free naloxone to be delivered to your home by visiting preventoverdoseri.org. Rhode Island recorded almost 1,300 overdose deaths from 2016 to 2019, with one-third of them occurring in public spaces. Recognizing the signs of an overdose and learning how to administer Narcan/Naloxone can potentially save a life.

The Count It! Lock It! Drop It! program is a community initiative aimed at preventing prescription drug abuse. Improper storage and usage of prescription medications can lead to drug misuse and abuse, this program seeks to address this issue by educating and empowering individuals. CLD encourages responsible behavior by promoting the proper counting, locking, and disposal of prescription medications, thereby reducing the risk of drug misuse and abuse.

Count It!

Medicine cabinets have become an unintended source of drugs, contributing to the growing problem of drug misuse. It is important to take proactive measures such as counting pills frequently and checking expiration dates to prevent theft and ensure that medications are taken properly. By making it a goal to stay on top of medication inventory, individuals can minimize the risk of potential drug misuse while simultaneously promoting responsible medication management.

Lock It!

It is essential to lock up medications and store them securely in a safe place. Friends and relatives’ medicine cabinets can often serve as a source for prescription pain pills, which is why it is important to take proactive measures. One effective way to secure prescription medications is to use lock bags, which can help prevent unauthorized access. It is essential to remember that if prescription drugs are not used properly, they can be as harmful and dangerous as illicit drugs, underscoring the importance of proper medication management.

Drop It!

Dispose of your unused or expired drugs by taking advantage of the drop boxes available at Police Departments in the East Bay area.